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the best of the wursts

a plain dog ain't good enough

Welcome to Ray's Links, where we hand forge the best hot dogs, frankfurters, grand-standers, wursts, red-hots, half-smokes, hotshots, sausages, thuringers, links and weenies you've ever had.

We start with only the freshest ingredients and build it exactly how you want it.  Of course, we've got a few choice builds of our own for you to try, but if you want it different and we can possibly accommodate you, we will. 

Although we hang our hats on our links, our Po'tater Tots can be built just like their weenie counterparts, with all the trim and fixins.  If you're a purist, you can always order them plain, golden brown and delicious.

Finally, we have one dessert, and its pudding... 

Thankfully, it's not just any pudding, we combined the sound of children's laughter, platinum, rainbows, California sunshine, diamonds, summers at the beach and whipped it with sugar and fresh cream until it turned a pudding consistency.  It wasn't easy, and you should try it, but we don't recommend operating heavy machinery afterwards.


Monday - Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: Closed


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